Philthy Rich – Hometown Hero CD

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Philthy Rich – Hometown Hero CD


Expected RELEASE DATE: 1/31/2020

1 Big Dawg
2 Hard Times
3 Killzone Gelato59
4 The Grind (Feat. Lil Jairmy)
5 All Cap (Feat. Rich the Factor)
6 Exit Route
7 Hometown Hero
8 Self Made
9 Heart Colder (Feat. Money Man)
10 Run Down (Feat. Rucci)
11 Lambo Truck
12 High Fashion
13 My Pain
14 Cartier Vintage (Feat. Z Money)
15 Dream Dead (Feat. Rio Da Yung Og)
16 Hard Earned (Feat. Money Man, Jack Boy, Tec & GT)

Philthy Rich - Hometown Hero CD


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