HD of Bearfaced continues to release album after album, following up the summer CD’s “Bad Habits” and “Sacrifices”. Now he’s set to drop a brand new double-disc album, Team Guapale with the first disc “The Bustdown” dedicated to the goers and the second disc “Bag Lady” for the ladies who rock with HD. With features from the whole Bearfaced Gang, including G-Dirty, Lil Rod, Hen Sippa, 6Hunnit, Lil Joe, and even more. Get your pre-order in today, and get the whole CD on October 7th.

Click here to Pre order now on Rapbay.com http://shop.rapbay.com/pre_order/cd_pre_orders/hd_team_guapale_double_cd_pre_order

Make sure you also check out the “Team Guapale” T-Shirts from Bearfaced, which will be available here on Rapbay.com and BearfacedENT.com

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