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Anyone can join and become a Connect Member. Once approved, a member can rate products, post product reviews, recommend products, leave site comments, and more.

In addition discover other Connect Members by using information from a variety of services, including Google, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL, Orkut, and Plaxo.

To become a Connect Member click the Join This Site button below

The above Rapbay Connect Member gadget allows you to:

* join and become a Connect Member
* sign in and out Allowing you to Recommend Products & other features
* see pictures of other Connect Members
* see pictures of other Connect Members friends
* explore other Connect Members’ profiles
* invite other people to join and become a Connect Member

Once you have joined our site as a Connect Member, you will then have access to rate products and leave reviews on product pages. Also you will be able to recommend products by clicking the green and gray recommend button on a product page. Once your recommendation has been approved your recommended product will appear on the Recommended product page

Click Here to view Customer Product Recommendation page

This is the Recommendation button located on each product page.

Once that button is clicked your product recommendation will appear on the Recommended page of for others to view.

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