Rapbay Urbanlife Radio March 14, 2019 w/ DJ Tasi

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1 hour of DOPE! Check it out brought to you by Rapbay, Urbanlife and DJ Tasi.

Track Listing

  1. Taj-He-Spitz – Ugly
  2. Overlord Scooch – No Hoo
  3. Brick Money (Yosama & Mack), Lil Blood & Milo – It’s Gone Be a Minute
  4. Westside Tut, Blueface, Armani DePaul – Get Out
  5. Da Alphabets & Nelly Boe feat. Flyguyveezy – Neva Fold
  6. C2daJ, Shady Nate & Lgobythakid – Take You There
  7. Stunna Blu & HBO – Bounce Out The Pole
  8. Lavish Rich & Cashlord Mess – Draco
  9. Stack Money Squad feat. Luxury Lex – In The Streets
  10. Nah The Shooter, Lil Blood & TZ Goof – Afrikans
  11. Preddy Boy P – Dear Dad
  12. IMSOS44 – AyeY
  13. HD – Martyr
  14. Maceo & 550 – Deeper Than Rap


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