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Check out AP.9’s new Video Swag from the forth coming album Reality Check. The scheduled release date for this album is Nov 17th. Check out AP.9 in Sacramento, Ca Sep. 11th at the Colonial Theater. Also check AP.9 out Sep 26th in Rohnert Park.


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  1. damn nice shit… beat is dope but sounds like most of his other stuff , which aint bad cuz it slapz…. nice to see hus there ,, to bad the fifth mob figa aint

  2. This is the best video!!! AP.9 is the hottest ever, especially in that sweet whip!!!! I would f*** the shit out of him…if i could get past his fine b****!!!

  3. ummmm….what is “buds1” talking about??? if he pulled his head out of his ass he would know that Pretty Black (RIP) was Not a MobFiga!!! If anything…he would be the sixth, there are already five!!! Duhhhhhh!!! This beat slaps so shut the fuck up if you don’t know what you’re talkin about! MOBFIGAZ are the Bay’s best group and AP.9 is the hardest! If anybody has something to say…hit me! One!

  4. Weak ass lyrics…Same flow…Dude always talking about he’s gonna quit rapping. I agree with that shit, wack ass nigga.

  5. You square ass niggas better wake ya shit up!! It’s the mob now whats fucking with that..

  6. all you out there that like to hate… what the fuck you doin thats any better… lets be real bruh 90% of yall hatin aint doin shit but sittin on yo ass

  7. IM not a AP-9 Fan heard rumors hes a BARBER. This SHIT SLAPS THO…JACKA IS THE HARDEST, HUS is a SNITCH, FED-X got BARS, RYDAH is GARBAGE!!!

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