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Coming Soon is a new album from Laroo and Killa Tay titled Fuckin Wit the Mob is a Privilege with a release date scheduled for end of November 2009. 15 new gangsta tracks (see track listing below) featuring Laroo, Killa Tay, C-Bo, Marvaless, Pizzo, Missippi, Luni Coleone and a few more. Check out the new video from the album. Also you can pre order this CD right now in the shop just click the buy now button below.

Fuckin Wit The Mob is a Privilege Track Listing
01. like a gangster Feat. Killa Tay, Marvaless
02. face in my Lap feat. Laroo t.h.h, Killa Tay
03. I’m Da Man feat. Laroo t.h.h, CBO, Pizzo, Missippi
04. Lock It feat. Laroo t.h.h, Killa Tay, Ryda J. Clyde
05. Like a Ryda feat. Cbo, Laroo
06. Dosia feat. Luni coleone, K-J, Killa Tay
07. Take Over feat. Laroo, Killa tay, Cbo, luni coleone, missippi, pizzo, Marvaless
08. Got Knock feat Killa Tay, Laroo t.h.h, Marvaless
09. Jack Like Dat feat. Killa Tay, luni Coleone, KJ
10. Smash Down feat. Thus Misses, killa tay, Kamp, mayham, Big Ju, LUNI coleone,
11. The Pain feat. Killa Tay
12. went some where feat. Laroo thh, Killa tay, Mayham
13. Mafia Life feat. Missippi Laroo thh, Killa tay
14. Life in these streets feat. Killa Tay, Laroo, Missippi
15. west Coast feat. Killa Tay (outro)


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