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Thizz Iz What It Izzzz. Check out the new Anytime video by J-Diggs. Vallejo, Ca The Crest is where ya can find him or maybe in Vegas or maybe in Miami where ever it is make sure you say thanks for making some some music. If you need some J-DIggs CDs to add to the collection or Ipod or play in your ride log on to Rapbay.com http://shop.rapbay.com/

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Rapbay is a leader in the Rap Game, ya' betta ask somebody. Located in the Heart of the Bay Area, CA. Helping supply CDs, music downloads, DVDs, clothing, information, videos, events, ringtones, magazines and more to people who appreciate it. Make sure you visit the Rapbay shop http://www.shop.rapbay.com One Luv!

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